Agender Oil

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Agender Oil


100% of the profits from the sale of Agender Oil go to non-profits that support gender equity and reproductive health care in Los Angeles, California (Connie’s hometown! - Go Dodgers.)

This is an all over hair and body oil, perfect for wherever you choose to grow hair.

Here’s what NOTO has to say:
Organic Hemp oil sinks deeply into skin and hair, leaving you nourished and
soft.  Vetiver and lavender mix to create a smokey yet sweet aroma.   
This oil acts dually as a soothing body + hair oil and scent.  Pump oil into palms and rub onto your legs, pubic, underarms, face, head, anywhere hair, and body.

A blend of

  • Organic Hemp Oil - rich in omega fatty acids that promote hair growth 

  • Vetiver - anti - inflammatory , smokey scent

  • Lavender - calming, soft scent 

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