There's no denying that choosing a gift for your Valentine can be tricky - from chartering skywriters to sending Edible Arrangements, the material options our society of lovers has for showing our affection are overwhelming, confusing, and at times repulsive.  Like, why does my stomach sink with dread when I see some anonymous boyfriend lugging a six-foot teddy bear in a loose headlock through Costco with plush feet dragging behind them, yet my heart does a somersault when I open my front door to find my partner clutching a bouquet of sunflowers for me?  Love is weird, love is mysterious, love works differently for everyone.

Of course there are countless reasons why loving your child feels different than loving your best friend; and, furthermore, why loving one best friend feels different than loving another.  Author Gary Chapman developed The 5 Love Languages, a book and accompanying quiz, as an attempt to demystify these differences. You may have even roped an unsuspecting lover or two into taking the quiz with you. 

Inspired by the 5 Love Languages, we made our own quiz designed to give you insights into how you give and receive love as well as sweet gift recommendations for all of your beloved Valentines.  We’re all about telling our loves how much we love to love them, sure, but why not tell them how much we love being loved by them, too?



Words of Affirmation

Valentine's Day is as good a day as any to say “I love you,” but nothing quite compares to putting pen to paper and letting those sweet nothings flow.  A brass pen from Kaweco is the perfect love letter scribbler, and folding all those flowery feelings into letter-pressed cards turns a note into a keepsake.

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Quality Time


If quality time is extra important to you in your loving relationships, this mohair throw is the ultimate third wheel for nights of Netflix and chill - so cozy, you won’t even feel guilty when the Are you still watching? screen appears. Bonus: it comes in a gorgeous (and festive!) blush pink that somehow seems to go with everything.


Fun Fact! If you're a baby there's a 90% chance that your love language is Quality Time

Mohair Throw
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Giving + Receiving Gifts

You might feel that giving and receiving gifts is a particularly important way for you to express love.  Unisex fragrances from Blackbird and statement jewelry from independent makers offer unexpected twists on v-day no-brainers.

Blackbird Eau de Parfum
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Undulation Earrings
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Ray Earrings
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Breton Earrings
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Performing and receiving acts of service might be one of your primary love languages.  Taking time to cook beautiful meals together is one of our favorite ways to show our devotion, and Salad for President is a cookbook that honors the many shapes the ritual of cooking can take.

Salad for President
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Physical touch

Have you been lovingly called “touchy?”  It seems like physical touch is an important way by which you give and receive love.  Why not go all out and buy your boo a bottle of do-everything oil, just as fit for massages as it is for self care?  A customer and employee favorite, Everyday Oil is an all-natural staple oil designed to keep skin nourished and moisturized all over the body, and its fresh, palo santo-y scent lingers and develops throughout the day.

Everyday Oil
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If you want to dive deeper into decoding you and your partner's love languages, we definitely recommend taking the legit quiz here on The Five Love Languages website.  Tell us which love language you speak in the comments!