Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for My Pottery:

Can I put my pottery in the dishwasher?
Yes! Treat it like you’d treat any other tableware, but perhaps with a little more love. 

How about the microwave?
Yep.  That too.

I use my plates every day and I’m noticing some scratches on their surface.  What should I do?
Because the glaze material is denser than some cutlery, cutlery marks might develop with frequent use - what your'e seeing is likely the metal from your cutlery leaving traces on your pottery, rather, than scratches in the glaze itself.  These marks can be removed with a scouring powder such as Bar Keeper’s friend, a little warm water, and a soft cloth.

Will the dishes stack in my cupboard?
Yes! Our plates and bowls are designed to stack neatly, and fit beautifully in dishwashers, too. 

Is our pottery food safe?
Yes, we do extensive testing to make sure our clays and glazes are safe for all your loved ones to eat from - babies and puppies included. 

If I break a plate or cup from a set, and purchase one to replace it, will it match the others?
Please keep in mind that these items are made by hand and that our glazes are mixed in house - it’s what gives the work its special character.  There might be a slight difference in color from firing to firing. Some of our glazes have a slightly wider rate of variability than others. That said, we work very hard to make things consistent and your replacement will be as similar to the original as possible. 

Visiting the Pottery:

Can we visit the pottery?
We've currently got our heads down and wheels turning fast and are unable to give tours at the workshop.  We'll let you know if that changes.

Can we just drop on by?
As our potters are busy potting, we are unable to accommodate unscheduled visits to the pottery.  

When will you be firing the wood-kiln again?
Good question! We’re not too sure, but we'll let you know if we do.

Do you make custom orders?
It depends.  Right now, probably not. Send an e-mail to and let us know what you’re thinking.

About the Makers:

Who made my pottery?
The pottery is made  our incredible team, led by Production Manager, Amanda Hollomon-Cook.  

Where did Alex & John learn to make pottery?
Alex apprenticed with Matt Jones and Mark Hewitt.  John apprenticed with Daniel Johnston who also apprenticed with Mark Hewitt. 

Is Alex Matisse related to THE Matisse?

Can I apprentice at East Fork?
We do not currently offer traditional apprenticeships but if you are interested in employment you can check out our careers page! 


Registering with East Fork is easy! You can register for our whole line of dinnerware and a curated selection of our most treasured objects for your home.  We love helping couples and individuals pick out the perfect setting to suit their tastes and habits.  Send an e-mail to to get started.

Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards online in amounts of $25, $75, $150 and $300 amounts. After your purchase comes through, we’ll reach out to the recipient notifying them of their gift.  Gift cards purchased online can only be redeemed for items in our Web Shop and must be used in 1 year from purchase date.  

If your giftee lives in the Asheville area and might like to redeem their Gift in our brick and mortar shop, call us at 828-575-2150 during business hours (Monday through Saturday from 11AM-6PM and Sunday 12PM-5PM) or send an email to and we’ll take care of you.  A pretty little gift card will be mailed to your giftee for use in the shop.  We have lots of beautiful items from other makers that aren’t available in our web shop and it’s always nice to see things in real life, so this is our recommended option for locals.